dhaba concept

Over 30 years after establishing the iconic Dhaba inside the Claridges hotel on Delhi’s famed Aurangzeb Road, the original Dhaba now gets a whole new mojo – or as we like to call it – SWAG. Given a shot of new age fun and kitschy interiors with the legendary classics on the

menu along with some nouveau beauties - Dhaba is set to recreate the same magic again - but with more full on Punjabi flair. Louder/brasher… you get the drill!

Now managed by Azure hospitality, the same folks that created Mamagoto, Dhaba is India’s preffered Punjabi Diner. With outlets across the country – walk into any of our “colour bomb” spaces and get your dose of the PIND!!!

The Dhaba menu, crafted in history and given more oomph by our very own Punjab da Puttar Ravi Saxena, is divided into three drooling parts - tawa, tandoor and patila, and includes typical rustic dishes like Kanastari Baingan (Baingan ka Bharta served in a copper canister), Dhaba Chilli Chicken, Balti Meat (our signature dish) and Chitta butter chicken. Dhaba by Claridges doesn’t just have a bar – it has a complete Theka, which apart from being well-stocked with IMFL and imported liquor, also boasts of signature cocktails - specialty tharras which come in actual Pauva bottles! (yes we don’t hold back on anything)

A meal here is rounded off with Desi Paan made by the legendary Panditji, whose shop outside The Claridges Hotel is as iconic as the hotel itself.

We’ve also given our interior designers license to go nuts - nalka chandeliers, nimbu-mirchi lights, vintage Bollywood posters, rustic interiors, truck art elements and an actual truck that you can enjoy your meal on – all enhanced with the masala of Bollywood music – LOUD Bollywood music. And if you stick around long enough, you may also witness the staff breaking into a dance when the song of the month comes on! If you’re on a diet – leave this site now

dhaba concept